Learn The Secrets Of Happy Couples

Do you want to know how those couples are still together after 50 plus years of marriage? Well here is a few secrets that recent studies have uncovered.

  • Poke fun at each other

Playfulness is the first casualty in our rush hour lives. Often our lives consist of working, paying bills and being a part-time taxi only to do it all over again the next day and soon playfulness begins to disappear from your relationship. You have to keep it alive by clowning around, joking and even using silly pet names. You may think that having a serious talk is the right way to go about the situation but research has shown that couples that tease each other in the heat of a argument feel more of a connection after all is resolved when practicing this. 

  •  Notice what’s new about one another

A lot of us get so used to our partner that we stop noticing them. But just because you have stopped looking doesn’t mean they have stopped changing. So make it a point to detect changes and when you do look for 3 things that have changed since you looked. This is called “Mindful Awareness.


  • Put it in writing

It’s been tested that when couples wrote about their relationships 20 min a day 3 days a week they were more likely to still be going strong 3 years later. They also sent more positive instant messages. So the next time your day dreaming about your partner write it down or even better go ahead and share it with them.

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