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ER Dental Work

ER Dental Work


Did you know that more emergency rooms are seeing more patients for toothaches? It’s a fact that close to 130 million Americans have no dental insurance. With the lack of jobs providing medical insurance let alone dental many people choose to ignore the nagging pain that keeps many people up most of the night in pain and for those that do have jobs calling into work.

Even when patients have Medicaid many dentist will not treat these patients because of the low pay or only take a number of “new patients”. With this issue becoming a bigger problem in America the emergency rooms are being visited more frequently were the cost of service is 10 times higher for dental problems that could be fixed with preventive care.
ERs do not keep dentist on staff so the amount of relief they are able to offer is usually limited to a painkillers and antibiotics. A trip to the ER for a tooth extraction will cost around $400 on the other hand if the patient had a dentist it would cost around $57. Regardless if the patient is from a low-income background or middle class it becomes a problem when underlying conditions are ignored because the patient cannot afford a dentist.

Everyone should be able to get dental help no matter how rich or poor they are. For example would it seem feasible for someone with knife protruding from their neck to go to let’s say a therapist to remove the knife and bandage the wound?
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No More Under Eye Circles


 No More Under Eye Circles

There are many misconceptions about why woman and yes men develop dark circles under their eyes. Some say it’s from the long hours we have been putting in at the office to soccer moms never ending race to “get it all done today” routines. The dark shadows are formed from puffy eyelids. They can give you the illusion of dark under-eye circles. Other factors include genetics, allergies, eczema, too much drinking, nasal congestion, pigmentation irregularities, physical contact with the eyes, such as rubbing and scratching, overexposure to the sun and thinning of the skin, which comes with the natural aging process.

Research Dr. Masuda and colleagues from Shiseido Research Center have done found that dark circles under your eyes form because of poor blood flow which can also lead too high blood pressure and diabetes. The researchers found that in the area of dark circles, blood flowed at a slower rate compared to the area in the cheeks. They also found more melanin production in subjects with dark under-eye circles.

There are literally thousands of products on shelves around the world promising to be the cure. In the end you are sold a dream and a feeling that you wasted your hard earned money. We as humans have evolved throughout time with the things that we had at hand not from countless tv shows promoting poisonous chemicals and slapping a pretty label on it and calling it natural. If you’re tired of the painful side effects, let downs and the hundreds of dollars you may have already wasted on these false hopes here is the answer to how you can see that attractive person you want to see in the mirror every morning.
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