Welcome To Left Truth!

    I created this blog because I feel that there is a lack of fact based sites that offer a variety of information for everyone and a place to voice their opinion. The name Left Truth comes from the thought that lies come from the right side of the brain; while cognitive thinking  which controls decision making,facts,values and our belief system are located on the left side of the brian. Thus the name Left Truth.

There are a lot of people that are misinformed; meaning they have beliefs or opinions based on a lack of  verifiable factual information about important issues and topics around the world because of false information,scams,spam and so much other junk. With all the information on the web it’s easy to get lost but here at Left Truth you’ll have plenty of information to satisfy your thirst for knowledge and the truth. There are more facts and information on the left just click for more!

Left Truth welcomes you and hopes you enjoy our site. Please feel free to join us by commenting and subscribing.


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